Weekly Summary for 204-210

Total score: 12.5
Health score: 16.7
Productivity score: 9.6

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Weekly Summary for 197-203

Total score: 23.5
Health score: 26.7
Productivity score: 21.3

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meTricks v1.0

I’ve had a request to post the Quantified Self software that I developed for personal use. Here it is in all its non-user friendly glory. I wrote a README, but it’s still pretty arcane. This post is mostly for referential purposes and so I can claim to have finished one more open-source project. Go me!

Weekly Summary for 190-197

Total score: 10.8
Health score: 7.1
Productivity score: 13.2
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Weekly Summary for 183-189

I’ve been tweaking my metrics software pretty hard, so this week’s summary is a bit different. The health score will be different than before because I stopped measuring change in weight in the same way and I just cut it out of the score rather than try and fix it.

Additional note: I’m writing this on Thursday, but it only applies from 8 days ago to 2 days ago. My feelings and interpretations may be off due to the delay in reporting.

Total score: 9.2
Health score: 0.6
Productivity score: 15.0
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