Cryonics – A Humanist Imperative

Weekly Summary for 351-357

Last summary of the year. Perhaps last one for a while. We’ll see.

Total score: 10.7
Health score: -3.5
Productivity score: 18.5
Social score: 12.4

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Weekly Summary for 344-350

Total score: 11.1
Health score: 8.7
Productivity score: 11.5
Social score: 13.7

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Weekly Summary for 337-343

Total score: 12.2
Health score: 5
Productivity score: 16.7
Social score: 11.9

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Weekly Summary for 330-336

Well! I fell off the wagon a bit! My absence in logging corresponds to a spell of personal distress and mood struggles. I’m pulling out of it, however, and I will become stronger.

Note: I skipped a day this week, logging-wise. All stats are averaged over the other 6.

Total score: 9
Health score: -3.4
Productivity score: 14.9
Social score: 12.8

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