Weekly Summary for 288-294

Total score: 11.9
Health score: 13.6
Productivity score: 11.4
Social score: 10.8

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Weekly Summary for 281-287

Total score: 19.4
Health score: 34.6
Productivity score: 16.3
Social score: 6.8

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Vacation Summary: Israel

Journal Part 1

It’s my second day in Israel and I’m up in the middle of the night, still wrestling with time-zones. Several people have encouraged me to write about my experience, and having just read a nice account of a day-trip that a friend wrote I’m now sufficiently inspired to write about my experiences.

[Israel Countryside]

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Weekly Summary for 240-247

I’m headed to Israel tomorrow to go to a friend’s wedding! Exciting!

Total score: 19.1
Health score: 28.4
Productivity score: 19.7
Social score: 6.7

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“Weekly” Summary for 231-239

This was a vacation week! I visited wonderful Eugene, Oregon and got a neat tie-dye shirt!

Total score: 5.2
Health score: 6.6
Productivity score: 4.2

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